We are Excellent Supplier of Marble Slabs,Granite Slabs,

                        Travertine Slabs,Limestone Slabs,Countertops etc.

                        Professional and Reliable!

                        Profile of The Company:

                        Xiamen Honeycomb Stone Co.,Ltd is an excellent supplier of Marble Slabs,Granite Slabs,Travertine Slabs,Limestone Slabs for commercial and residential projects at home and abroad.

                        The office of Xiamen Honeycomb Stone Co.,Ltd is in Xiamen and factory is located at Shuitou Quanzhou,Fujian,China.

                        It is very easy and convenient for us to get any colors of the stone materials for our customers.

                        We selected and used only the highest quality stones and raw materials for our products and can offer you Marble Slabs,Granite Slabs,Travertine Slabs, Limestone Slabs in a huge variety of colors,texture finishes and sizes.With good technology,advance equipments and superior quality,Xiamen Honeycomb Stone Co.,Ltd have gotten good reputations at home and abroad,and as a result our products have good sales on the market,our Marble Slabs,Granite Slabs,Travertine Slabs,Limestone Slabs have been exported to the USA,Canada,Germany,France,UK,Russia and Middle East etc.

                        Because of our superior technology,incredible quality and competitive price,more and more architects,general contractors,designers,engineers and property owners of all over of the world turn to us and choose our products for their projects.

                        Texture Finishes for Marble Slabs,Granite Slabs,Limestone Slabs,Travertine Slabs:

                        Polished Finish:

                        A glossy surface that brings out the brilliancy in the stone's colors. The texture is very smooth and is not very porous. At present 90% of Marble Slabs, Granite Slabs, Travertine Slabs on the markets are polished finish.

                        Honed Finish:

                        A flat or low-sheen finish that is smooth in texture. It is fairly porous and natural looking. Color will be visibly lighter than a polished finish. This texture finish is basically used for Limestone or Limestone Slabs. 

                        Antiqued (Acid) Finish:

                        An uneven but smooth "soft" surface created by "brushing" the surface. The hard areas remain while the softer areas are removed. This technique is only effective on marble (or marble slabs) and limestone (or limestone slabs) with variations in hardness usually created by veining.

                        Flamed Finish:

                        A rough textured finish that is achieved by exposing the stone to intense heat and immediate cooling. When heated and Cooled, the crystals in the stone pop. The surface is very porous. Not all Stones can be flamed; they must have the correct crystal structure. Basically this one texture finish is used for granite or granite slabs for exterior wall and floor.

                        Bush hammered Finish:

                        A rough textured finish that is developed by pounding the stone. The surface is very porous. Not all stones are fit to be Bush hammered.

                        This texture finish is also popular in granite or granite slabs for exterior wall and floor.

                        Sandblasted Finish:

                        A matte semi-rough surface that is textured by a pressurized flow of sand. The surface is very porous. Not all stones sandblast well; hard and soft spots can create unattractive patterns in limestone (or limestone slabs) and marble (or marble slabs).

                        Grooved Finish:

                        A grooved texture that adds dimension to the surface of slabs. Slabs are lightly sawn to create ridges in the Stone face. This texture finish can be used for all stones or slabs.

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